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Show that you take safety seriously


If you have received an analysis or risk and safety advice from Copenhagen Risk & Safety Group, you can, in most cases, also get a safety-audit certificate.


You can use the safety-audit certificate from Copenhagen Risk & Safety Group to tell your employees, customers and other stakeholders that your company takes safety seriously.

A safety-audit certificate states that you have received an analysis or risk and safety advice from us.

The safety-audit certificate can be placed for example on a wall, and you will also receive it electronically so that it can be placed on your website.



Nothing is static

Internal and external factors are constantly changing, and the same is true of any organisation’s risk level. It is therefore important to continually work on this area – for example, by evaluating and updating emergency response plans, ensuring that employees have a satisfactory skill level, and conducting realistic exercises.

If your company or organisation wants a sustained focus on safety, which is third-party controlled continuously by Copenhagen Risk & Safety Group in collaboration with the Emergency and Risk Management programme at University College Copenhagen, we offer this through our safety certification. Read more about our safety certification here: certification.