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Your peace of mind is our goal


We help people who want to:

  • Save lives
  • Ensure the most safety for the money
  • Achieve transparent compliance

There are various approaches to working with safety. One is about fear, and focusing on everything that could go wrong. Another is about peace of mind and the great potential that is unlocked when you have all your risks under control.

At the Copenhagen Risk & Safety Group, we see it as our job to help create peace of mind because we know how much it means to individuals, managers and entire organisations.

That does not mean we do not focus on things that could go wrong. We have developed methods, systems and routines to closely examine the various forms of risk that exist in any organisation.

Depending on the situation and needs, we serve as analysts, consultants or trainers. We consider a number of different factors and create a complete structured profile – the ideal basis for making good decisions.

We apply a 360o perspective on safety. This is based on a systematic, cost-effective, continuous and evidence-based approach to safety.

You can read more about how we can help create peace of mind in your organisation throughout this website.