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A clear overview leads to peace of mind


You no doubt have in-depth knowledge of your organisation and can easily explain your procedures, structures and potential pitfalls. But, might there be blind spots in your analysis? For example, because you are so close to everything, or because internal or external changes have occurred that might influence the situation?

We can help you analyse and assess what uncertainties exist in your organisation. Using special methods, systems and routines we can identify:

  • where risks exist
  • what consequences these might lead to
  • why the observed risks exist
  • how the observed risks can be minimised
  • and what value an improved response represents.

Risk analysis

A risk analysis from the Copenhagen Risk & Safety Group gives you a clear picture of the risks that exist in your organisation. A professional risk analysis provides the best basis for making the best choices.

Risk assessment

Copenhagen Risk & Safety Group helps you to establish appropriate criteria for your accepted level of risks. Your risk assessment will consist of a comparison between your company’s risk picture and your own criteria for accepted risks. If you find a mismatch between the risk picture and your own criteria for accepted risks – then you should consider what strategies you will bring into play to change your risk picture to a desired level. Development and prioritisation of the necessary risk reduction measures is the essence of risk management.

Risk management

Any effort to manage your risks should be a continuous process that is never left to pure chance. Copenhagen Risk & Safety Group helps you develop, prioritise and implement cost-effective strategies that you can use to continuously manage your company’s risks. Copenhagen Risk & Safety Group makes use of a wide spectra of different risk management tools. We also help you to continuously keep your risk profile updated based on facts, knowledge and data.

Our methods, systems and routines can map out the total scope of an organisation’s activities, or they can focus on selected areas. We work with you to determine, on a case-by-case basis, which problems/opportunities should receive particular focus, and how far we should go in our recommendations – whether we should limit ourselves to a thorough analysis or prepare specific recommendations and ensure the implementation of selected initiatives.