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The CORS Safety Management System


At Copenhagen Risk & Safety Group ApS, we developed a Safety Management System that helps you and your organization manage safety and emergency response.

Why the CORS 360-degree Safety Management System?

There are three good reasons for implementing a professional Safety Management System. With the CORS Safety Management System, you can:

  • Save lives.
  • Ensure the greatest safety possible within your budget
  • Achieve transparent compliance.

CORS 360-degree Safety Management System

With CORS’s 360-degree Safety Management System you get control of everything important for your safety:

  • Management practice, including safety policy and strategy
  • Plans for prevention, preparedness and recovery
  • Documentation for how you handle safety in your organization
  • Visibility of safety
  • Materials that suit your particular needs
  • Education in safety
  • Training in safety
  • Exercises in safety
  • Continuous evaluation of your safety level and efforts

We help you get started with your professional safety management system – and it can start with a short conversation over a cup of coffee.